About Us - The Beginning

Walter Brown

     All the years that I worked for Fort Hood Civil Service, I always spoke about one day opening my own Bar-B-Que Restaurant. In the beginning, I saw a need in our local community for a company to cater smaller events, those with 20-50 people. Our focus has always been on quality, and a friendly serving team at a fair price. Our catering business began to grow very quickly, as we soon found ourselves catering for events of 2000 people and greater. We attribute this success to our customers who truthfully speak of our core values and mission statement, which is to provide quality, quantity, and a friendly serving team at a fair price. Our catering customers were always asking us when we planned to open a restaurant. This is where my dream becomes a reality, as the history of ’The Settlement’ begins, established - October 9th, 2009.

     I remember it, like it was yesterday. It began as a simple idea and developed into a vision, which soon became our journey. There were many roadblocks and mountains that we had to forge through and climb over to reach this destination. Along our adventures, we had many friends accompany us to help us reach this exciting new place, called ’The Settlement’. My son, Kelly, one day quoted J.C. Penny, ’Every great business is built on friendship.’ These are the people who now have a permanent fixture at ’The Settlement’, as their names are listed throughout the establishment, and they hold a special place in our hearts. Our friends, who feel more like family, spent countless hours working along side us, and without us in some cases, to help us realize my dream. There isn’t enough money, gratitude, or enough tears, that can be shed, to show our true thankfulness for these friends. And so, after long hard years, ’The Settlement’ is on the map. I believe that it is not any single one person that makes ’The Settlement’ great. Our team, who is an extension of my family, will always go the extra mile to ensure that your experience in our ’Settlement’ is one that you will be glad you were a part of. So, please relax, enjoy your visit, and tell all your friends about us. Thank you for your patronage - Walter Brown

     The Settlement has a little piece of history throughout the facility. Not only did we construct the building to accommodate large functions, but we also made sure it was interesting to look at! Our restaurant is laced with our history or Texas history. Take a gander of the facility to learn about what our facility can do for you or to learn the history involved with the Settlement. You can also view our construction photos to see some of the Settlements construction events.

Big Hoss B-B-Q Sauce and Rubs

     Our uniquely blended Bar-B-Que sauce, brisket, chicken, and rib rubs, are available for purchase with the cashier. These spices are blended by ’Big Hoss’. Our rubs are blended to enhance the natural flavor of our meats.